The Flavian Amphitheatre, commonly referred to as the Colosseum, depicted in its archaeological context in the heart of Rome. The image captures the iconic structure


17 Popular Vacation Destinations to Avoid Visiting in 2024

Knowing when to travel is almost as important as picking the right destination for your next trip. In this article, travel enthusiast Sara McDonagh shares some of the most popular travel destinations that you should avoid traveling to in 2024.

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25 Can’t-Miss Things to do in Strasbourg France

Are you looking for some activities to add to your itinerary during your visit to Strasbourg, France? European travel enthusiast Emma Braby shares some of her favorite things to do during your next visit, from her personal experiences spending time in Strausborg.

The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest situated along the Danube River. The image provides a straightforward view of the iconic architectural structure against the cityscape. The distinctive features of the parliament, including its domes and spires, are visible in the image. The Danube River flows adjacent to the building.

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17 Popular Destinations to Visit in Europe This January

Are you looking for some adventure this January? Depending on the amount of time you have, and your budget, there are plenty of beautiful locations to travel in Europe during the winter. In this article, travel enthusiast Emma Braby shares her favorite locations to visit in Europe during the month of January!