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Your traveling journey at doesn’t just cover the run-of the mill travel information you’ll find online. We dive into the details of some of our favorite locations to help you find places to go that others may miss. We look at the top destinations all over the world at the country, state, city and town level. You’ll learn all about some of the most popular locations as well as some of those that are well hidden.

Our team of experts is well traveled, with many of our writers having been all over the world. Some of our writers stick a bit closer to home and prefer to study all the ins and outs of the continental United States.

To ensure we stick to a high quality of editorial standards, we strive to ensure that most of our writers have been to the locations they write about. When not possible, our writers research an area appropriately and source opinions and experiences from a variety of different credible sources.

Because of our strict editorial process, all of our content is fact-checked and produced by human writers, for humans.

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team comprises of a managing editor, and a number of well-traveled writers across the world. Here’s a bit about each of our writers and their history.

Jason Wilson

Owner & Managing Editor

Jason is first and foremost a husband, father, and pet parent before travel enthusiast. He has traveled to many different states in the Continental United States over the last 30 years. He’s also spent time in several countries, including Ireland, Mexico and Denmark as some of his favorite trips. While he enjoys traveling with his family, he plans on traveling even more extensively in a few years when his kids have finished school and he can focus on spending time abroad.