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Scenic Drive in California Near Lake Tahoe

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15 Scenic Drives to Take While Visiting California

Visiting California soon, but want to take the scenic routes while in town? Maybe you live in California and just want a fun weekend drive with a view? In this article, former California resident Sarah McDonagh shares her favorite scenic drives to add to your itinerary during your next visit to the Golden State.

Sedona Arizona at Sunset Bell Rock. The sky has a pink and purple hue, and Bell Rock is a stunning picture of red rock in the foreground.

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27 Attractions and Activities to Do in Sedona, Arizona

Looking for a full list of things to do while spending some time in Sedona, Arizona? There are plenty of attractions and activities to add to your itinerary depending on your budget and time. In this article, former 40 year Arizona resident Jason Wilson shares some of his favorite activities and attractions you can add to your Sedona itinerary during your next visit.

Family Enjoying Vacation on Florida Coastline

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27 Family Friendly Florida Vacations to Try This Year

Are you looking for some family-friendly vacation ideas to try in Florida this year? There are plenty of options, depending on the location you want to visit and your budget. In this article, travel enthusiast and former St. Augustine, Florida resident Brianna Carter shares her favorite Florida vacation ideas for families!

The image depicts a mountain valley in Scotland characterized by hills adorned with green vegetation. A small lake with clear water is visible within the valley. The mountain summits are capped with thick white mist.


The Ultimate One Week Scotland Road Trip Itinerary

Looking to take a meaningful road trip in Scotland? Depending on your budget, there are plenty of things to explore. In this article, travel enthusiast Drew Lessard shares all the "can't miss" sites he visited when exploring Scotland over the course of a full week.