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FAA Issues Travel Warning Ahead of Solar Eclipse

Are you traveling during the solar eclipse? If so, you'll want to understand how this event can impact your travel plans based on a recent warning the FAA has issued.

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A photograph capturing the Baltimore Beacon in County Cork, Ireland. The image showcases the landmark against a coastal backdrop. The beacon is a simple structure characterized by its vertical white form. The coastal scenery features cliffs and the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.


16 Hidden Gem Attractions to Add to Your Ireland Bucket List

Lookng for a way to make your next trip to Ireland unique? Ireland has many off the beaten path hidden gems you can add to your next Ireland vacation itinerary. In this article, travel enthusiast Sarah McDonagh shares some of her favorite less known locations to add to your bucket list during your next trip to Ireland.

An image depicting the city center of Lucerne, Central Switzerland, with the Reuss River in view.

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17 Best Places to Visit in Europe This March

March is a great time of year to explore Europe. With spring starting, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy, both indoors and outdoors. In this article, European Travel enthusiast Emma Braby shares some of her favorite travel destinations for Europe during the month of March.