The image depicts a United Airlines plane flying in the sky. The word "United" is prominently written in large blue letters on the white fuselage of the aircraft. The tail of the plane is also blue, and the turbines on the wings are painted in a matching blue color.

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United Airlines Offers New Airline Mileage Program

Booking an award flight on United is getting easier. United Airlines is announcing a new points program that allows you to merge your miles with other MileagePlus members. In this article, Travel Journalist Amy Sward breaks down the new details.

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The image features the flags of Brazil and the United States against a backdrop of cloudy skies. Both flags are waving gently in the breeze. The Brazilian flag is characterized by its green background with a yellow diamond containing a blue globe and stars, while the American flag is recognizable with its red and white stripes and blue canton with stars.

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Brazil Just Made it More Difficult For Americans to Visit

If you are a US citizen visiting Brazil next year, you'll need to provide bank statements before you can do so. Brazil's new visa requirment includes the need for proof of funds before you can visit. Find out how this might impact your travel plans if Brazil is on your 2025 itinerary.