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11 Best Locations to Visit in the United States this April

Looking for the perfect place to vacation in the United States this April? There are plenty of options, depending on your budget and distance you are willing to travel. In this article, Amy Sward shares some of her favorite locations to experience in the United States this April.

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This image captures a serene sunrise scene at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA. The iconic Mesa Arch frames the distant landscape, creating a breathtaking view of the canyon below bathed in the soft morning light.

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13 Must-See National Parks to Visit This April

Not sure which National Parks should be added to your April itinerary? With over 429 different national parks to choose from, it can be a bit confusing to figure out which is best during each season. In this article, travel enthusiast Sarah McDonagh shares her favorite national parks to visit in the United States this April!

The image features the flags of Brazil and the United States against a backdrop of cloudy skies. Both flags are waving gently in the breeze. The Brazilian flag is characterized by its green background with a yellow diamond containing a blue globe and stars, while the American flag is recognizable with its red and white stripes and blue canton with stars.

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Brazil Just Made it More Difficult For Americans to Visit

If you are a US citizen visiting Brazil next year, you'll need to provide bank statements before you can do so. Brazil's new visa requirment includes the need for proof of funds before you can visit. Find out how this might impact your travel plans if Brazil is on your 2025 itinerary.