The image presents a close-up view of Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California, featuring a ferris wheel in the background under clear skies.

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19 Free Activities to Do in Los Angeles This Weekend

Looking for some free activities to add to your Los Angeles itinerary? There are plenty of things you can do in LA without spending a dime. In this article, former LA resident Sarah McDonah shares her favorite activities to do in Los Angeles without spending anything at all!

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A photograph depicting the landscape of Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona. The image captures the rugged terrain and vibrant red rock formations characteristic of the park

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24 Hours in Sedona, Arizona: One Day Itinerary

Headed to Sedona, Arizona for a single day? There are plenty of things to do, depending on your budget and activity levels. In this article, former 40 year Arizona resident Jason Wilson shares his favorite things to add to your schedule for a full day in Sedona, Arizona!

Beautiful Hot Springs in United States

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17 Best Hot Springs Locations to Visit in the United States

Looking for some hot springs locations to add to your vacation itinerary? There are plenty of hot springs located in the United States to choose from, depending on your budget and preferred location. In this article, travel enthusiast Sarah McDonagh shares some of her favorite hot springs locations to add as a stop during your next vacation.

A direct view of Baker Beach in San Francisco, with the coastline visible to the right. The image captures an absence of people. In the distance, a prominent bridge is directly visible. The weather conditions appear neutral.

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20 Best Beaches to Visit in California This Year

Thinking of hitting the beaches in California, but aren't sure where to start? There are many different beaches you can visit, depending on your location and what kind of activities you are looking for. In this article, travel enthusiast Sarah McDonagh shares all you need to know about the perfect California beach vacation!

Coronado Beach California with Hotel Del Coronado in Background

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11 Reasons to Visit Coronado Beach California

Looking for a beautiful beach to visit in the sunny state of California? While there are many beaches in the southern part of the state, Coronado is one of the finest. In this article, you'll learn all about why you should make Coronado beach your next visit.

Mount Saint Helena in Napa Valley California with yellow flowers surrounding the base of the mountain.

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21 Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley Besides Wine Tasting

Are you looking for some activities to keep you busy in Napa Valley? While this area of California is well known for it's wineries, there's more to it than just the wine. In this article, travel enthusiast and California resident Alicia Broggi shares her favorite activities to do when visiting Napa Valley, California!