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The image presents a view of Hartford, Connecticut, during autumn, characterized by yellow-orange leaves on the trees. The cityscape features a blend of buildings and urban infrastructure.

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25 Things to Do During Your Next Trip to Connecticut

Are you thinking of adding Connecticut to your vacation itinerary, but aren't sure what to plan for? In this article, Anastasia Healy (who wrote an actual book on Connecticut travel) shares her favorite attractions and activities to add to your "must-do" list the next time you are on vacation in this incredible state.

View of Canon Beach in Oregon During Sunset

North America

15 Best Beaches in Oregon to Visit This Year

Not sure which beach in Oregon to visit this summer? There are many options, depending on the time you have and your budget! In this article, travel enthusiast Sarah McDonagh shares some of her favorite beaches to visit in Oregon this year!

Clouds in the Sky at Sunset

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21 Places With Incredible Views in Paris, France

Looking to add some incredible views to your Paris itinerary? This beautiful city is well known for all its attractions, but you may not know that some locations in Paris have breathtaking viewpoints. In this article, Travel Journalist Stasha Healy shares some of her favorite iconic Paris views!

Budva, Montenegro, showcasing both the city and beach areas. The front island part of the city features historical houses with brown roofs, adding a sense of heritage to the scene. In contrast, the back part of the city displays more modern houses of medium height, illustrating the blend of old and new architecture in Budva. A pier is visible with a large number of boats.

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14 Incredible Destinations to Visit in Europe This May

Thinking of visiting Europe in May, but aren't quite sure where to go? There are plenty of places to choose from depending on the time you have and your budget. In this article, European travel enthusiast Emma Braby shares her favorite European destinations to experience in May.